Casino Minesweeper by Tangente Games

Minesweeper has been around since the early days of Microsoft. Created by Curt Johnson for IBM’s OS/2 and was ported to Microsoft Windows by Robert Donner as part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack 1. Since then, the Minesweeper has captured that heart of millions of users.

Minesweeper is considered a cult-classic and has even seen a release to the mobile version of Xbox Live.

Even today, Minesweeper has seen a revival in both its desktop version and mobile version. A gambling company decided that it was good to create a Bitcoin casino minesweeper, which turned this game into a gambling game.

Let’s start Playing Minesweeper:

Minesweeper relies on both luck and skill, there will be times where the player will have to rely on their game-sense to make a decision, but for the most part, learning how to play Minesweeper is similar to learning a language. It requires constant practice and, most of all, a considerable amount of patience.

It might seem intimidating at first, but once you play long enough, you’ll start to recognize patterns. The premise of playing Minesweeper is simple but does surprisingly take a significant amount of time and effort to master.

The goal is to successfully identify all the squares with the mines hidden behind them in the fastest time possible by placing flags down on suspected squares. A match is lost if the player clicks on a square with a mine behind it.

The number of mines varies from game to game and is usually indicated by how many flags a player must place down. However, this can sometimes differ from version to version.

Important terms to remember:

  • Flag: The flag is one of the essential tools you have at your disposal, as this will determine whether a match is won or lost. A player must place down a flag on the square where there are mines behind a square.
  • Question mark: Question marks can be used by players to tag a square on the board where the player suspects a mine would be. The question mark is a great tool to use to gather information and to remind the players that there might be mines behind the squares.
  • Smiley face: If the player finds the match too tricky, the player can then click on the smiley face to reset the match. Additionally, the player can also just press the F2 button to reset the session without having to click on the icon.

Step-by-step Guide in Playing Minesweeper:

Before starting Minesweeper, the player can choose from three difficulty settings which are, easy, medium, and hard difficulty. The size of the board and the number of mines will depend on which option that player chooses.

    1. Click on a random tile, for the player’s first click the most optimal spot to click on is somewhere in the middle of the board. This technique will give players the best chance at revealing as many squares as possible with minimal risk of clicking on a square with a mine behind it.Choosing a random tile in Minesweeper


  1. Once the player has clicked on the screen, numbers should pop-up as shown below. Take note of the group of squares surrounded by the numbers on the bottom left. If numbers are surrounding a square, it most likely has a mine behind it. The number of mines a particular group of squares will have will depend on the number adjacent to it. The amount will determine the number of mines behind a group of squares surround it—number 1 for one mine number 2 for two mines and so on.Minesweeper numbers

  2. After the first mouse button click, the player must then place down a flag by identifying the patterns. Since the square on the bottom right corner is surrounded by 1’s, it is easy to deduce that there is only one mine behind it. The player can place down a flag by using the right-click button.Minesweeper red flag

  3. Rinse and repeat until all each until every mine with a square has been identified and flagged.

Game features

features three difficulty levels, easy, intermediate, and expert difficulty. The minimum bet is 1 BTC and a max bet of 1,000 BTC. And an RTP rate of 97.00%. Since the game uses a “provably fair system,” the first square the player opens will never be a mine.

Easy is a 6×8 board with 12 mines and a payout rate of 3 chips for 2

Intermediate is an 8×10 board with 18 mines and a payout rate of 2 chips for 1

Expert is a 10×15 board with 32 mines and a payout rate of 4 chips for 1


The game currently does not have any specific bonuses. However, you can check out a bitcoin casino bonus that can be used with Minesweeper.


Is it possible to win every game of Minesweeper?

Yes and no. The location of the mines is random; the player can accidentally choose a square with a mine on their second click to gain more information on the board. But once the patterns are learned, it is possible to win the majority of the matches.

Is there a pattern to Minesweeper?

Yes, it is a game of patterns. Minesweeper is partly a game of probability, and like all probability games or equations, a pattern will always emerge. The player need only learn the design of the squares and make the best possible choice.

Can you win Minesweeper without guessing?

Yes, you can win without guessing. However, a player must make one educated guess to win a round of Minesweeper just like you would after you learn how to play Sic Bo. Using their knowledge of the game and a clear understanding of the patterns, the player can lessen these risks and win the match.

What do the numbers mean in Minesweeper?

As discussed above, the numbers represent the number of bombs that are adjacent to a square. For example, on the bottom left of the image, the squares are surrounded by 1’s, 2’s, and 3, this means that the three remaining squares that are unopened have mines in them.

Potential bomb locations in Minesweeper

Is Minesweeper a game of luck?

Yes, and no, because it can work out in two ways at the same time. It can play out as a logical game and a game of probability. By identifying a pattern, a player can deduce the location of the mines and increase the likelihood of success.

What is the logic of the Minesweeper game?

The logic of the Minesweeper game is that the player must identify the number patterns to the squares to best logically identify the squares behind them. In doing so, the player can increase their chances of winning most of their games.


Minesweeper is a simple logic-based game that requires time and effort to master. The game offers players both the satisfaction of overcoming a high skill ceiling and the excitement of getting lucky on a guess alone. Minesweeper provides a depth of gameplay that most activities don’t offer.

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