Three Card Rummy Card Game

Three Card Rummy is a 52-card deck game played between a dealer and a player. It’s a popular game in online casinos. The game takes much of its similarity from the Three Card Poker because it is also a three-card-format. The player in Three Card Rummy game plays against the house in this excellent and fun casino poker game.

The game is also referred to as ‘vegas three card rummy.’ It is also available on the internet casinos using Betsoft and RealTime Gaming Softwares. Although, Cryptologic used to offer this game on its game catalog, but discarded after their purchase from another company with rights reserved.


The Three Card Rummy Game is a diverse and popular game with many terminologies that makes it interesting. Therefore, we’d pick the important ones and learn what they mean and how they are being used. Vegas three card rummy includes a number of cards(Ace, King, Queen, Jack), dealer, a deck of cards, declare, lay off, discard time, finishing rummy, joker, set, shuffle, unmatched cards, winner.


Vegas three card rummy begins with a deck containing 52 cards. The cards, then, are ranked accordingly to their poker value. The player aims to have fewer points than the dealer when placing an ante bet. Once an Ante wager is placed, the player and the dealer are dealt with three cards each. If the player feels his cards can’t get him a bet, he can choose to fold his hands and forfeit the chance. However, if the player has the confidence to beat the dealer, he can raise his wager to the Ante amount.three card rummy


All cards, including the Aces and Face cards, carry their pip value point. The singleton aces count as one point while face cards count as ten points.

After the players raise, the dealer, as well, raises and reveals his cards. The dealer must have at least 20 points to qualify. If the dealer has and gets the lowest point, the player loses, and the dealer wins. However, if the dealer doesn’t qualify – due to not having at least 20 points – the player has the right to claim the Ante and Raise wager back.

Betting Options

There are different bet options in the Three Card Game. The ace mentioned earlier has zero value points. Cards from 2-10 have a face value. Jack and King and queen have ten-value points. Any Three of a kind have zero value points. The two-card suited run has zero value points. The three-card suited run has zero value points. It is essential to note these hand value points, although, online casinos will usually display the points on their scoreboard.


Like many other casino poker card games, there are many different strategies in 3 cards rummy, and they are straightforward to understand. The many strategies are key concepts and the house edge in winning vegas three cards. One brilliant strategy that is very common is not placing the bitcoin casino bonus bet. However, if you want to place bonus bets, take into consideration getting 12 and fewer points as they are quite high. Bonus bet also has higher payouts.

When you want to place a bonus bet, if you have 21 or more – you have to fold. If you decide to risk and raise a bet with 21 or more, the chances of winning are rather low because 20 is the qualifying factor for the dealer, and you risk having higher points than the dealer.


According to Three Card Game, the players win based on the hand they hold, and the hand the dealer holds. Usually, the Ante bet is paid out as 1-1. The player’s raise bet is paid based on the number of points they have, as long as the dealer does not qualify to have at least 20 points. Consequently, if the dealer manages to have a score of 20 or lighter, they have qualified.

The raise bet table for Three Card Rummy is paid as follows:

0 4 to 1
1-5 2 to 1
6-19 1 to 1

Three Card Rummy also offers an additional optional side ante bet. They payout according to the number of points the player has without the option of beating the dealer. The payout table is as follows:

Ace, 2, 3 suited run 100 to 1
0 25 to 1
1-6 2 to 1
7-10 1 to 1
11-12 4 to 1


Just like learning how to play Sic Bo, there are tips that guide players of 3 card rummy. The game does not have the advantage of gain because it is rarely discussed compared to other poker games. Gaining insider’s tips are, therefore, a lot harder than usual. Nonetheless, to get a significant edge or a piece of winning advice, you need to have a thorough knowledge of all three Hole Cards. The reason is to help the player make sound and reasonable play and fold judgments.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is 3 card poker played?

3 card poker is played between a player and a dealer. It is dealt with by the player and dealer and its goal is to make the best poker hand with only three cards.

How many cards do you get in a rummy? 

The player gets 3 cards. This is the default hand given to each player.

What are the sets in a rummy? 

The sets are arranged in ranks and suits. They are three or more of the same rank and they include Ace, King, Jack, Queen, and other remaining cards. They are arranged in a group of three or more cards of the same suit/rank to form a set

What is rummy in blackjack?

A rummy bet blackjack is a game of three cards of the same suit and three same cards of adjacent ranks. The three cards consist of your own first two and the dealer’s card. Rank is the number of characters while Suit is the club, spade, diamond, heart symbol displayed on the card.


This is an exciting game to have free and playful times. It is quite unusual in poker, but when you play it, you love it and you stand to make a huge winning with all rights reserved of course. Speaking of unusual, there is the rummy blackjack.