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Slot machines remain a mainstay in any casino and gambling with bitcoin, and you will see people sitting at them with your every visit. And that is completely understandable, of course, since it’s truly fun and can be interesting depending on the slot machine’s design. With just how popular slot machine games are, it’s no surprise that there have been so many of them popping up everywhere. These days, you don’t even have to show up to a casino to play – you can play a video slot game, or play plenty of the free games online. There are tons of apps you can also get on your phone or tablet to play. You can choose to play these games with real bets that cost real money, or you can play them for free. That is entirely possible, too!

In today’s article, we are going to be talking about the Vampire Fortune slot game, a variation on the classic slots game. In this review, we will be talking about how you can play Vampire Fortune, which is a game available on Bspin. If you aren’t aware, is a website where you can use bitcoin to play the slots. They also have a ton of other games that you can try out, should you be interested! But we digress – it’s time to talk about Vampire Fortune, a slot game that you might just find yourself addicted to sooner than you know it! Grab a plate of cookies and read on cause we’re about to tell you how exactly to play this game!

What is Vampire Fortune?

As we’ve mentioned, Vampire Fortune is a slot machine type of game. You can play Vampire Fortunes for free (in the demo), or you can otherwise use bitcoin to make your bets with every spin. Although you do also get free spins now and then, just so you can see what types of fortunes vampire slots can bring you.

This game has 3 rows of visible symbols for the 5 different reels they have available. However, the fortunes vampire slots game will bring you is not limited at all to the reels that you do see. The fact is, there are more rows (or lines) – 25. But you cannot see 23 of them.

In this slot game, you get 8 different symbols to match. Some of them are picture symbols, while others are wild symbols. Some of these symbols need to only be matched by 2. But you can have a 2 match, a 3 match, a 4 match, and of course a 5 of a kind. When you hit a match, the payout amount will depend on just how many symbols you have matched together. It’s worth noting that some of the symbols are also letters. So you’ll certainly be seeing some letters on your reels as well! Hang on to your cookies – if you match enough of the symbols you hit the big jackpot.

As we have mentioned, in this virtual casino game, you can hit the jackpot. But sometimes, you’ll feel it when you activate the bonus mode! When this bonus mode is activated, it can give you up to 10 free spins. Then when you start spinning, you can get multiple wins. You see, one picture up to three pictures can act as wild cards when in the bonus mode. This highly increases your chances of actually getting bonus wins, since the wild symbols are plenty! They have a blue wild and a red wild, so watch out for those. Once you exhaust your free wins, they will send you back into the actual game, so that you can start playing as normal again. In this online casino slots game, hitting the jackpot is as easy as one two three – and you can place your bet as you please.

By the way, to activate the Vampire slots bonus level, you have to hit three castle symbols. Who knows, you might just hit the jackpot in there!

vampire fortune slot game

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How to Bet

In this Vampire slots game, the minimum bet is 12.50. This comes out to .50 for each line. The maximum bet is 1250, which comes out to 50 per line. It also tells you how much you win every time you get some matches. Pretty cool!

Vampire Fortune Pay Tables

If you’re wondering what the paytable looks like, well you are in luck! has very conveniently included the paytable right in the game itself. It is accessible via the simple click of a button! The paytable will show you how many symbols you will need to hit per reel to win a prize. As previously mentioned it can be as low as two matches on two consecutive reels (the first and the seconds). You can get three matches, up to five matches, and the reward for each will increase. Naturally as in any game, the Vampire slots game does offer bonuses for certain symbols. One thing we know for sure is that you can place a bet and enjoy free spins and free games, so this game already feels like quite the bonus in and of itself.

You don’t always have to hit the jackpot to feel like a winner, though. Sometimes one, two, three wins is enough to give you that rush. Indeed, you do not have to bring home the cookies every single time to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from this video casino’s reels. And like we said, you don’t have to blow wads of cash here too since you are in control of the amounts of your bets. Plus the free spins and the free games can help! Vampire Fortune is a game with plenty of bonus things you can get, on top of hitting the jackpot. You should give the demo a try if you’re curious to see! In essence, the demo is all free spins and free games, because you don’t have to use any money. Just load up your bitcoin when you want to move past the free spins!

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Final Thoughts

In Vampire slots, hitting the bonus level feels like you’re winning the jackpot. With free spins and free games galore, you’ll end up grabbing multiple plates of cookies for this one. All in all, Vampire Fortune is an online game that is truly fun – try it for yourself!