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Roulette is a popular and exciting game of chance and is frequently regarded as one of the stars of online casinos and traditional casinos. We’ll explore different roulette strategies and tactics to increase your chances of winning, providing helpful advice for maximizing your roulette experience as we go into more advanced ways of playing whether you’re playing traditional roulette or online roulette games.

6 Best Winning Roulette Strategies

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Although the results of roulette are highly unpredictable, you can still use different strategies to help you make choices and play roulette more wisely. These tactics can assist you in approaching the roulette game with a well-thought-out strategy, regardless of your level of experience at the roulette table.

We’ll introduce you to some of the most popular roulette strategies and give you examples of how they operate in the sections that follow.

1. Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale strategy involves doubling bets after each loss to make up for previous losses and turn the initial bet into a profit. The risk of exceeding your betting limits or rapidly depleting your bankroll in a straight-up bet is very high.

For example, if you start with a $10 bet and lose, you would bet $20 on the next spin. If you lose the same bet again, you’d bet $40, and so on.

2. The Paroli System

The Paroli roulette strategy, also known as the reverse Martingale strategy, takes the opposite approach. Here, you increase your minimum bet after each winning spin, aiming to capitalize on hot streaks.

For instance, if you start with a $10 bet and win, you would bet $20 on the next spin. This betting strategy is based on the idea that winning streaks can be more profitable than recovering losses. However, it also has its risks, as a losing streak can wipe out your accumulated winnings.

3. D’Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert roulette strategy is a moderate betting method focusing on minor, gradual changes. This method involves increasing your bet after a losing spin by one betting unit and lowering it after a winning spin by one unit.

If you place a $10 wager and lose, you would place a $20 wager on the following spin. In comparison to the Martingale system, the strategy aims to strike a balance between recovering losses and taking advantage of winning streaks.

4. Reverse D’Alembert Strategy

The reverse D’Alembert roulette strategy follows the same principle as the D’Alembert but in reverse, thus the name. After a winning spin, you increase your bet by a unit, and after a losing spin, you decrease it by a unit. This strategy is also designed to help manage losses and take advantage of potential winning streaks, but it carries less risk than the Martingale or the Reverse Martingale betting strategy.

5. Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci strategy is based on the famous Fibonacci sequence, where each number is the sum of the two preceding ones. In roulette, this Fibonacci roulette strategy involves placing bets according to the sequence, such as 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, and so on.

You progress to the next number in the sequence after a loss and move back two steps after a win. This betting strategy aims to capitalize on winning streaks while minimizing losses during losing streaks, providing a balanced approach to roulette betting.

6. The James Bond Strategy

The James Bond roulette strategy is a relatively simple strategy that covers a significant portion of the roulette table, aiming to increase your chances of winning.

The James Bond strategy provides broad coverage, with approximately 67.6% of the roulette wheel numbers covered. It’s designed to provide consistent, though not necessarily large, wins.

In the following section, understanding the odds associated with techniques can help you make informed decisions at the casino table and make more winnings rather than only using these roulette strategies.

Here Are the Odds of Winning at Roulette

Here are the odds of winning based on different types of bets in both European roulette variants and American roulette games.

Bet Type Payout European Roulette Odds American Roulette Odds
Column 2:1 32.40% 31.60%
Dozen 2:1 32.40% 31.60%
Even bets
(red or black, odd or even, high or low)
1:1 48.60% 47.40%
Single Number Bet 35:1 2.70% 2.60%
Two Number Bet 17:1 5.40% 5.30%
Three Number Bet 11:1 8.10% 7.90%
Four Number Bet 8:1 10.80% 10.50%
Five Number Bet 6:1 13.50% 13.20%
Six Number Bet 5:1 16.20% 15.80%

Ways For Using These Odds on Your Advantage

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Now that you have a clear understanding of how the odds work in roulette, it’s time to learn how to leverage this knowledge to increase your chances of winning. Here are six ways to use these odds to your advantage:

Place Outside Bets

Outside bets, such as red or black, straight bet two, odd or even, and high or low numbers, offer a higher probability of winning (around 48-49% in European and American roulette). These bets might have lower payouts, but they provide a more consistent and safer way to grow your bankroll over time. Focusing on outside bets can help you sustain your gameplay and minimize the risk of significant losses.

Understanding the Game

One of the most effective ways to make the odds work in your favor is to thoroughly understand the game of roulette. Familiar yourself with the rules of roulette, different bet types, and the odds associated with each. Knowledge is your best ally in any casino game, and in roulette, it can help you make more informed decisions when placing your bets.

Choose a Reputable Casino to Play Roulette

To ensure that you’re playing a fair game with accurate odds, it’s crucial to select a reputable and licensed online casino like Bspin. By choosing a trustworthy establishment, you minimize the risk of encountering rigged games or unfair practices. Check for reviews, licensing information, and the online casino’s reputation in the online gambling community before placing your bets.

Setting a Budget

Managing your money is important in roulette. Create a budget before you start playing and stick to it. Divide your bankroll into sessions and determine the amount you’re willing to wager in each session. By setting limits, you can avoid chasing losses and maintain control over your finances, ensuring that you can continue enjoying the game responsibly.

Avoid Single Number Bets

Single-number bets may offer temptingly high payouts, but they come with extremely low odds of winning (around 2.6-2.7%). It’s advisable to avoid these bets unless you’re feeling exceptionally lucky, as they can quickly deplete your entire bankroll. Stick to bets with higher winning probabilities to increase your chances of success.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

When playing roulette in online casinos, many online casinos will offer bonuses and promotions. These can provide you with extra funds to play roulette with, effectively increasing your bankroll and extending your gameplay with free roulette. However, be sure to read and understand the bonus terms and wagering requirements to make the most of these offers.

By implementing these strategies and using your understanding of roulette odds, you can enhance your overall roulette experience and potentially improve your odds of walking away from the table with more winnings. Remember that while every win at roulette is a game of chance, informed decisions and responsible gambling practices can make a significant difference in the long run than any roulette strategy.

Additional Roulette Tips for Maximizing Your Winnings

Having a solid understanding of the best roulette strategies and odds is just the first step to maximizing your winnings. Let’s talk about additional tips that go beyond the fundamentals and to improve your overall roulette experience:

1. Stick to Your Bankroll

Sticking to your planned bankroll is one of the principles of winning at gambling. Even if you’re experiencing a losing streak, it’s critical to maintain control over your spending and stick to your budget.

While playing roulette can be thrilling, it’s risky to chase losses by placing bets that are beyond your means. You can ensure that you can continue to play roulette responsibly and prevent financial stress by strictly controlling your bankroll.

2. Diversify Your Bets

While placing outside bets is generally recommended for their higher odds of winning, diversifying your bets can add excitement and strategy to your gameplay.

Consider combining outside bets with the most successful roulette strategy and a few well-placed inside bets to balance risk and reward with the most successful roulette strategies. By doing so, you can potentially capitalize on both short-term and long-term opportunities, making your online roulette experience more dynamic and potentially more profitable.

3. Take Regular Breaks

Roulette can be a fast-paced and intense game. Taking regular breaks during your gaming sessions can help you maintain focus and prevent impulsive decisions.

Stepping away from the table, even briefly, allows you to clear your mind, reassess your roulette strategy, and make more deliberate bets. It also helps to break the monotony of continuous gameplay, ensuring that you stay alert and make better choices.

4. Take Your Losses Gracefully

No one likes losing, but it’s an integral part of gambling. It’s essential to accept losses gracefully and avoid chasing them with larger bets. Emotional reactions to losses can lead to irrational decisions that result in more money bets or greater losses.

Instead, maintain composure and stick to your predetermined budget. Remember that losses are a part of the game, and a more patient approach will yield better results in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Best Strategy to Win at Roulette?

Roulette is a game of chance so there is actually no roulette strategy that guarantees a win. Each spin is independent, and the outcome of roulette is very random. Some players beat roulette using a roulette strategy that works for them, like the Martingale system or Fibonacci, but they do not guarantee success and can lead to substantial losses.

Lucky Numbers in Roulette?

There are no universally lucky numbers in roulette games. The outcome of the best roulette strategy for each spin is determined by a random number generator, so in roulette casino games, there’s no way to predict which numbers will be lucky. It’s purely a matter of chance.

How Roulette Pays Out?

Roulette pays out based on the type of bet you place and the specific numbers or combinations you bet on. The payouts vary, with straight bets on a single number having the highest payout (usually 35 to 1) and even-money or combination bets (like red or black) having the lowest payout (usually 1 to 1). You can read our other guide on how to play roulette to get a better understanding of the payouts.

Which Roulette Numbers Hit the Most?

In the long run, all numbers on a roulette wheel should hit roughly the same number of times due to the roulette wheel and the game’s randomness. There is no consistent pattern of certain numbers hitting more frequently.

Roulette and What Happens When It Lands on Green?

When the roulette ball lands on a green pocket, it depends on whether you’re playing American or European roulette. In American roulette, there are two green pockets on a live dealer roulette, labeled 0 and 00, and if the roulette tips and the ball lands in one of these, the house wins, and all bets are lost.

In European roulette, there’s only one green pocket, labeled 0, and again, the house wins, and bets are lost if the ball lands there. Green pockets represent the house’s advantage in roulette.